Kid Lib & Friends - The Tow Truck LP

by Kid Lib



Now this is a story, all about how our lives got flipped, turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell how we became the victims of London city council towing. So let me set the scene...

Percussive P, Black Orchid and myself get a lift to London for Rupture, with Duburban Poison. Percussive and myself get picked up from Sheffield, on a seemingly glorious afternoon, and all seems well in the land of the Rupture attendees. On our way to London the sat-nav was even kind enough to take us on a beautiful little trip through Milton Keynes (big up sat-nav, TURN RIGHT!!). Upon our arrival in London, we encounter what must literally have been the most rain I've ever been in, and yes I live in England too. This shower however in no way discouraged us from the evening ahead! So we parked up where many a visitor to the area has parked up previously with little to no issues, avoiding any obvious areas where you shouldn't park (fire hydrants, in front of towing signs and the like). So off we pop to see Dwarde and his housemates briefly, before all heading down to RUPTURE (yay, it was awesome by the way!). Much Jaeger & much beer followed as the evening progressed into me walking around licking peoples faces (apologies folks! :P), but I feel I'm getting slightly off the point now. So we finally get back to Dwarde's house with the cru, and settle in for a couple hours rest before our drive back to the north (zzzzzz).

As we awoke a few hours later, with a looming sense of hangover, we decide to gather our things and make tracks back to the homeland. Upon turning the corner to where the car was parked, Rob exclaimed "the car is gone". To which we all responded with the obvious and resounding "what the f@*$". Our obvious first thought was that it had been stolen, which let me tell you, is a dreadful thought to experience hungover with maybe an hour's sleep under your belt. So we phone the police who inform us that it has in fact been towed. A slight sense of relief overcomes us as we stop thinking about having to get a train back, until the realisation that this in fact not a great scenario either kicks in. Thankfully, Dwarde's house mate Ben was kind enough to step in at this point and give Rob & Si a lift to the towing place, big up Ben! So finally, after a couple hours delay, we manage to get back on the road to the north, along with a lovely whopping fine..

Upon our return, I figured I would try and compile this album, to help out with the fine. Cool story, bro? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the album!

Big Respects to all the supporters as always! Blessup!


released July 6, 2016


all rights reserved



Kid Lib Sheffield, UK

Jungle Producer & Dj From Sheffield, UK

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